Nail & SPA

Menu & Price

Gel Nail 

One Color


→ 500B

・From the second color will be changed 50B per color.

Plus Color


→ 600B

・Glitter → Mirror
・ The maximum is 2 colors
[3rd color will be charged for 50B per color]

Simple Design


→ 700B

①French (Other french forms are unchangeable)
③Glitter Gradation
④For hands
Gel color+ Design [2 fingers per hand]
⑤For toes
Gel color+ Accessory [not more than 3 pieces]
* ①②③ The maximum is 2colors. 3rd color will be charged for 50B/color
* ①②③ Only clear based color

Plus French

→ 800B
→ 800B
→ 800B
→ 990B
→ 990B
→ 990B
Based color and French
Mirror French
Plus Color Base French
Plus Color Base & Plus Color French
3D French
Glass French

Basic Art


→ 800B

For hands – Design 3fingers per hand

For toes – Design 2fingers per foot

One Color [Can choose a small accessory per 1finger]

Unlimited Art


→ 990B

10 fingers design
In a case of difficult designs will be charged

Premium Unlimited Art


→ 1,200-1,500B
10fingers design+ 3D, advance hand drawing design is possible.
(Within 2.5hours design is capable)

Polish color and spa

Kids nail


 - 300B
Ages 10 and under 200B
Ages 11 and over 300B

Polish color


Normal polish colors, no design.

Hand Spa (45mins)


→ 400B

Nail cut
Cuticle removal
Quick Massages

Foot Spa(45mins)

→ 500B

Nail cut
Cuticle removal
Foot scrub
Quick Massage

Additional fee

・1 finger design 50B (1accessory is included)
・3D Art 1finger starts from 50-200B
・Technical hand drawing designs start from 50-200B
・A big accessory starts from 30-50B
・A long time taking design will be charged for an additional fee

Nail Extension

Base Coat & Base fill in 1 finger 50B / 10 fingers 200B
Coating 1 finger 50B / 10 fingers 200B
Poly Gal Coating 1 finger 150B / 10 fingers 1,200B
Poly Extension 1 finger 200B / 10 fingers 1,800B
Poly gel fill in 1 finger 150B / 10 fingers 1,200B

Gel nail removal price

From other nail salons will be charged for 100baht but from our salon is free.
Only removing but no continue painting will be charged for 300B.
Poly gel, Acrylic,PVC Removal and 500B/ Only removal 600B
※In a case of using a voucher,the price is 200B

Base fill in

Base fill in (in a case of still having a base), we will remove gel color firstly and top up with the base again. Base fill in is recommended for the people who have soft nails or easily broken nails, because it can be done without cutting nails. Base fill in is making nails be stronger and thicker. For the first time customers, we will clear the nails and top with a special base[base coat 200baht] then we will put the bae fill in for a next time. Please check your nails health on every 3-4 weeks.