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Eyebrow Tattoo

Premium Course


→ 11,900B
Our Staff has experience more than 15 years.
And has a license from Phibrows Academy, which is the world top brand of Eyebrows tattoo.
We are providing service from Counselling, Designing and Processing of Eyebrows tattoo.

Basic Course


→ 6,900B

Senior Staff
Our staff passed the test of eyebrow Tattoo which guarantee by academy.
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  Before getting eyebrows tattoo

A. It’s taken about 2.5 hours (Including apply anesthesia)
A. Yes, You can do your face make up except Eyebrows mascara only. After Eyebrows don’t let your wound come in contact with water. So, when cleansing your face make up please use cleansing sheet.
A. Yes, You can If your doctor allows you to have your eyebrows tattoo. please contact directly to your doctor.
A. Yes, It’s possible. However if your previous Eyebrow Tattoo left dark color. it would be hard to see new tattoo lines.

 After getting eyebrows tattoo

A. The tattoo’s color may peel sometimes with a little scab. That’s an usual thing. No worries.
A. Until the scab got a recover, you may feel itch sometimes. That’s not a problem. Just apply some vaseline for relieving your pain.
A. After got an eyebrow tattoo, the design’s unfixable. You can fix again after 4weeks passed but fixing some part is not possible. You have to fix them all because the color shades will different if you fix some part.